. 2018 .

He lives for agriculture and ran away from the city.

She lives for fashion and wouldn't leave town for nothing. We are proof that opposites attract but that they complement each other more than ever.

It all started when He remembered to take her to see the Figueiras da Quinta which, to her surprise, were full of figs. What would be their purpose?

Being eaten by birds.

The best ideas are the ones that are the most spontaneous, literally.

From figs to marmalade, from sweet potatoes to sweet potatoes already cooked on the plate, from walnuts to honey.

. 2020 .

On the 1st of May we started to put our hands to work and put into practice everything we had envisioned.
Hammer and scope in hand, we kicked up a lot of dust and the smiles didn't disappear from our faces. We were baffled by our capabilities.


In August we opened the doors of our local accommodation – the little house Cá Vamos – to the public and we couldn’t be more delighted.


Why 'Cá Vamos'? Because there is no expression more typically Alentejo and that Pedro says more than this one – “How are you, Pedro?” – “Oh, cá vamos"

. 2021 .

It was the year for us to continue to dream and put into practice what we have been planning since last year. 

Another confinement came and we picked up the scope and hammer again to get to work. 

We renovated another little house, our T2 – Cá Somos.


. 2022 .

The challenging year of managing 2 houses at the same time and starting to prepare other goals that we have in mind.

Here we never stop, we are constantly wanting more. 

. 2023 .

O ano em que concretizámos o nosso sonho e casámos em casa.
Um ano que vai ficar na memória.
O casamento correu tão bem e foi tão adorado pelos nossos convidados, que decidimos alargar o portfólio da quinta para Quinta de casamentos!
Queremos ver noivos felizes na Quinta, como nós fomos felizes no nosso dia de casamento!

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Hortacasa Portugal

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